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People are always in the look out for tools and resources that will help them maintain a good credit score. Nowadays there are a number of web portals that contains useful information regarding the ways in which the person can maintain a good credit score. One such portal is the myCreditKeeper.com. Using this portal, the users can get their credit report in a matter of 4 hours. By seeing the credit score, one could find out whether the credit score is really right and if not, they can start the communication with the Credit Score provider. There are also other useful tools such as Credit Score Predictor, which can used to predict the credit score of an individual, if the individual follows a plan of action as specified in the portal. Be aware that the trial period is typically 30 days and you will need to cancel prior to that if you do not want your credit card to be charged $9.99. Negative reviews for CreditKeeper are generally due to the fact that people do not read the terms and conditions carefully enough and get surprise when they were charge a monthly fee thinking it is a free service. Otherwise, CreditKeeper does what it says and for people who have a need for such services, it can come in handy.

In the landing page of this portal, users who have already registered can log in through the login section. The new users can make use of the "Enroll Now" section to register with the Credit Keeper and start using their services. After becoming a registered member, the users can monitor, manage and Maximize their credit scores using CreditKeeper.com. Please note that there are fees and trial period associated with using My Credit Keeper.

Website: www.mycreditkeeper.com 
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