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Www.PostOffice.co.uk/BudgetCard is the site, which you can visit and find out more details about Post Office Budget Card, the easiest way to manage your regular expenses. Budget Card, which does not charge you any fees for application or even usage, keeps the money for necessary expenses, aside and enables you to pay for your Post office service, like car tax and other bills in part or full. You can download and print a Budget Card application form from this site and after showing two of your IDs as specified, the post office will issue you the card.

The budget card does not allow you to overdraw and thus refrains you from incurring unnecessary expenses. You can check your card balance anytime over phone or online and depending on your bill amount, you can add up to £250 in a day. If you take this card to the Post Office, the authorized person will swipe it for the amount equivalent to your bills or as per your desire, thus saving you the hassles of going and paying it over different counters. The Budget Card is quite similar to Savings Stamps and if you use this card in an effective manner, you can save up to £1,500 per year

However, it is much safer, since in the unfortunate event of it being lost or stolen, you can immediately put a stop on its usage, thus preventing it from being misused. You will be happy to note that the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland issues this card and therefore, The Irish Deposit Guarantee Scheme protects the money on your Budget Card. After you sign in and register on the site, you can then check your balance online and perform other card related transaction. If you do not want to log in to the online portal, you can also call 0845 0822 480**.

Headquartered at London, United Kingdom; Post Office Limited is a retail post office of the country, which provides its residents a variety of products ranging from postage stamps to banking solutions. Founded in 1986, it is the wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Mail Group, which is owned by Royal Mail Holdings plc, the entity that is serving the nation and its people for nearly four centuries.

Website: www.postoffice.co.uk/budgetcard 
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