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www.myStreetScape.com powers the brokerage services of a number of banks that wish to offer brokerage services to their customer. The website offers standard features of any brokerage services including view of equities position, account balances and also trading. You can also download accounts to Quicken.

In this period of economic uncertainty, investors have become wary of the new stocks that are hitting the various stock exchanges. Investors have started to follow only the tried and tested stocks which have been giving consistent returns even during these turbulent times. Even then the retails investors prefer borrowing from the brokerage firms and use that borrowed money to invest in specific stocks. Retail investors have to open a margin account with the National Financial Services , if they have borrowed the funds from the brokers. For these kind of retail investors who have opened a margin account with National Financial services, there is a specific online portal to provide services to the investors.

Investors can follow the link www.MyStreetScape.com and in the landing of this portal, which is the login page, users have to provide the user id and pin. Once they provide the login information, they are taken to a page which contains the list of brokerage firms they are associated with. Then, they can view their account balance, execute trades and view their current positions.

Depending on which firm you are associated with, there are different links to access the site directly.

Prudential Investment Management customers can access via www.mystreetscape.com/my/pru
Suntrust customers can access via www.mystreetscape.com/my/suntrust
ING customers can access via www.mystreetscape.com/my/ing
Comerica customers via www.mystreetscape.com/my/comerica

Website: www.mystreetscape.com 
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