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www.FreeScoreOnline.com is yet another website that tries to profit off from credit history check. We have written reviews of many such site before. These sites essentially are trying to make money off by advertising free credit report from the 3 agencies, but essentially trying to make you pay for credit monitoring service. Legally, credit reports are free by Federal law and so no one can legally profit by selling credit reports. But, they can always use that as the promotion for consumers and then charge their credit card with other service. So, technically it is not a scam as in trying to sell you something that is not being delivered or does not exist. However, if you do not read the fine print and miss out on the fact that you may be charged $29.95 per month, then you may feel like it is a scam.

When you proceed to the next step in FreeScoreOnline.com, you will be able to read the following:     

"Yes, I want to view my 3 Free Credit Scores. I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for Credit Diagnosis and Your Savings Club. By clicking “View Scores” below, I will activate my free 7-day trial membership in Credit Diagnosis. If I do not cancel my trial membership by the end of the 7th day, I understand I will be charged/debited $29.95 for the first month of my Credit Diagnosis membership. I also understand that my membership will continue until I cancel, and each month my credit card or checking account associated with my debit card will be charged/debited the monthly membership fee. I will be notified in advance if the membership fee changes. I understand that by clicking “View Scores” below I will also be charged today a one-time, refundable (upon my request) $1.00 processing fee for Credit Diagnosis, and $1.00 per month for Your Savings Club. I understand I can call Credit Diagnosis toll-free at 800-379-5036 and Your Savings Club toll-free at 1-877-820-7107 at any time to cancel. By clicking the check box next to this statement, I provide my electronic signature and written authorization to charge/debit my account according to the terms above."

See if that is what you really want? If not, you should read reviews on annualcreditreport.com. If yes, you should shop around for cheaper monthly plans as we think $29.95 is a little too high. Other services operated by the major credit reporting agencies include www.freecreditscore.com and www.freescore.com
. If you decide to pay for these services, at least shop around to see which site gives you a better deal. 
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