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Www.Work4BK.com is the site through which you can choose and apply for a job with this prestigious company and be a part of its nearly 40,000 proud employees. If you are applying for the first time, you can use the ‘create JobApp’ link to search for a job in your area, create your own job application and apply for it. For this, you need to fill up the ‘JobApp Registration’ form available in this link, completely, by performing the five (5) important steps like registration, selecting an available opportunity, correctly answering the interview questions related to the applied position, certifying your answers and answering the optional equal employment opportunity questions. These will help your application to reach a hiring manager for consideration and will also help you to check the status of your application, online.

You can even call up the number 1-877-6-9675-4-25 to complete your job application. If you had created a job application in the past, you can log on through this site by entering the phone number that you had used while filling up the ‘JobApp Registration’ form and Pin number, to check the status of your application and/or apply for a new position.

Burger King or BK, the prominent chain of fast food restaurants, had been providing hamburger – finely chopped meat sandwiched between two slices of bread, to millions of customers across the globe, since its inception on 1953. Though, after the economic downturn in 2008, many companies have either closed their operation or drastically reduced their work force; however, BK, headquartered at Miami, Florida of the United States, realized that its main strength is the employees, who best can serve its patrons and take its goodwill forward.

Website: www.work4bk.com 
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