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SmartSwapRecipes.com is the website where you can enter in the game code found on your yogurt cup. If you recently purchased a Dannon yogurt, look on the lid and don't throw the lid away because there is a code which you can enter that might allow you to win $30,000 in a Kitchen Makeover. There are also kitchen appliances from Hamilton Beach that you can win in the Dannon Smart Swap sweepstakes. 

In order to participate, have the lid with you and look for the code. Then enter your personal information such as first name, last name, email address and address as well as phone number and date of birth at smartswaprecipes.com. You also need to check or uncheck some marketing email subscript.ion and check that you have read and understand the official rules.

Then click on the big red button that says "Find out now if you're a winner" and you will be eligible to win prizes. The sweepstakes ends on Jul 31 2011 and so you need to enter your game code into www.smartswaprecipes.com before the deadline to be eligible. The game code is a 6 digit alphanumeric game code. There are 6 $5000 home improvement gft card, flip lids food processor, classic stand mixer, wave maker blender and other fabulous kitchen appliances from Hamilton Beach to be won at www.smartswaprecipes.com 
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