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Www.BoostMobile.com/Activate is the site through which you can activate your recently acquired phone from Boost Mobile, by following some easy procedures. To start this online activation process, which will enable to you to make and/or receive calls within minutes, you need to have your handset with you, since you need to identify your phone by entering information like IMEI and SIM ID number or MEID/ESN number. After you complete the identification process, you can choose an easy to remember phone number and one of the available plans that best suits your needs. Here, you can enter your information to set up a Boost Mobile Account and if you are an existing account holder, you can update your phone information by logging on to ‘My Account’. Through this site, you can review and make changes to your selections and can make a payment. This will complete your activation process and within minutes, you can start using your phone.

Here, you can utilize the available link to check the status of your activation request that you had submitted earlier by providing your account PIN and the activation request number. Even if you had acquired a used phone, you can order for a Starter Kit through this site and start using your phone promptly.

Owned and operated by Sprint Nextel; Boost Mobile headquartered at Irvine, California of the United States has been providing wireless prepaid service since year 2000.

Website: www.boostmobile.com/activate 
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