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www.StaplesEasyRebates.com is a way for you to get your rebates online for products bought from Staples. Not all products can be submitted online and only product marked with an "easy rebate" icon is eligible. If a product is not eligible for online rebates, you will need to submit via a mail-in rebate.

To submit your rebate online, you will first need to choose the method in which your product is purchased.

If you bought your product from the store, you will need to located the rebate offer number (in the middle of the form) and the Easy Rebate ID number (a 17 digit number located below the bar code on the form). Please be sure that you keep the receipt until your rebate is validated and to be safe, until you have the actual rebate.

If you ordered from Staples.com or a Staples catalog, you should be able to find a 10 digit order number and a rebate order number from either your email order confirmation, printed customer copy or the packing slip.

Rebates usually go into a black hole with the consumer not knowing what happen to the status of the rebate. Staples Easy Rebates is meant to make the whole rebate process easier and eliminate as much paper work as possible. It is also meant to help you track your rebate process as most mai in process requires a lot of patience and are hardly transparent.

You can also go to www.StaplesEasyRebates.com to track your rebate and balance on your rebate card. To check your balance on your rebate card, key in your 9-16 digits tracking number at www.stapleseasyrebates.com/rebatecard

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