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There are 3 types of credit cards: the BP Visa Card, the BP MultiCard and the BP card.

The key difference between these cards is in their reward program. With a BP Visa card, you get a 5% rebate on all purchases made at a BP location, 2% on eligible travel and dining and 1% on all other purchases. With a BP Multicard and a BP card, you only earn 2% rebate on Ultimate Fuel purchases. So, the Chase BP Visa benefits is better than the other cards offered by Chase.BP. In general, the BP card benefits is really a reward program managed by Chase and they have partnered up with airlines, hotels and gas stations to offer affiliate cards. Usually, the 5% rebate is only applied when you conduct a transaction with the affiliate. So, unless you are a frequent BP customer and spend a lot of money at BP locations, you may just want to get a Chase affiliate card where you are spending the most money at that affiliate. Of course, you can always apply for multiple credit cards, but it may affect your credit history and also make it hard to manage multiple accounts just for the 5% benefit.

If you have a BP credit card, you will need to go to www.chase.com/bp to signup or manage your BP credit cards.

At www.chase.com/BP , you can manage and monitor your BP card accounts. You can even request for a credit line increase, change billing due dates and choose paperless statements if you are environment friendly. To earn rewards faster, you can also request for additional card by adding family and friends so that the points are aggregated in a single account. The website is maintained by Chase Online.
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