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Www.x5mop.com is the site, where you will know in details about H20 Mop X5 – the new lean and green floor cleaning tool that acts as a 5-in-1 cleaning machine, which emits steam at varying degrees to suit your cleaning needs. This floor steamer cleaner comes with a microfibre floor cloth and built-in portable steamer, which effectively cleans any floor surface through steam as well as deodorizes and sanitizes it. You can detach the steam generator from the H20 base and it will be converted into a handheld steamer, which will enable you to clean those seemingly unreachable corners. When you attach the Carpet Glider, provided as one of the attachments with H20 Mop X5, this all-purpose steamer cleaner will help you to remove the dirt from your carpet. The super sanitizing power and continuous hot steam along with the helpful attachments of this versatile, super lightweight and easily maneuverable steamer helps you to use it to clean even your windows as well as garments, without any usage of chemicals.

Through this site, you can place an order for this multi-purpose H20 Mop X5 steamer cleaner for $99 only and in the event of you not being satisfied with its services, you can avail the 30-day money back guarantee to get full refund. Here, you can watch the demonstration video that will provide you a clear idea of its usage and can even watch the videos of other satisfied customers.

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Website: www.x5mop.com 
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