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Www.Reloadit.com is the site through which you can reload funds, online, in your PayPower Prepaid and/or Only1 Prepaid Visa Cards issued by MetaBank – one of the leading savings bank of the United States and a subsidiary of Meta Financial Group Inc. You can add funds to these prepaid debit cards by purchasing a REloadit Pack, worth anything between $20 and $500 by paying a small reload fee of up to $3.95 and refrain the balances in the cards from drying up. Depending on the state or territory where you had purchased the Reloadit Pack, it was issued either by MetaBank or by Blackhawk Network California, Inc. and entering the 10-digit REloadit Pack number in the ‘Terms & Conditions’ section, you can find your issuer. You will even be required to enter this number along with the load amount of the REloadit Pack and the 16-digit card account number at the specified fields in this site, to add funds to your PayPower Prepaid or Only1 Prepaid Visa cards.

The ‘Find a Store’ link will help you to locate one of the thousands of stores, which sells this REloadit Pack near your area, which will help you to keep your card funded in a safe and convenient manner, round-the-clock. You can even call up the number 888-633-9434 to load funds to your card account from the REloadit Pack that you had purchased. The site also makes you aware of the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Consumer Disclosers through the ‘Click Here’ link located at the middle right of this page; if you had purchased a REloadit Pack on or after 13th June 2011 from any of the listed Safeway stores in Denver, Colorado.

Website: www.reloadit.com 
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