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MileagePlusMilesShop.com is where you can redeem your mileage for United Airlines for gifts from name brands like Apple, Fisher Price, Nikon, GE and other products from branded merchants. If you have a lot of miles with United, use it for shopping this holiday season and give someone a gift. Whether you are shopping for mom, dad or a loved one, there is something for everyone in the United catalog. If you are short on miles, you can even purchase them on United though we typically would not recommend buying miles since the conversion ratio for the dollar is just not worth as much as buying the product outright with money. However, if you are just short of a few miles, then it may make sense.

To redeem at www.mileageplusmilesshop.com, you need to follow just 3 steps. First, check your available mileage miles balance to see what you can afford since items are all priced in miles. Then, shop from the thousands of products in the catalog, add it to your shopping cart and check out with miles. For example, a Samsung 12.2 MegaPixel Dual View digital camera costs about 32,500 miles. It is important that you work on a calculation to see if it is more worthwhile to use the miles towards a future flight or towards purchase a product. If you do not forsee using your miles for a future flight, then shop at MileagePlusMilesShop.com 
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