www.AARP.org/mycard - AARP Membership Card Renewal | Replacement | Benefits

If you are a AARP member, you can visit www.aarp.org/mycard. At aarp.org/mycard, you can access discounts, travel benefits, health products and other great resources.

If you need to renew your membership, you can also renew by clicking on the left "renew link". You have to first located your membership information by entering your birth date and personal information.

If you are thinking about joining, you can alaso click on the join button to fill in your application and then billing information.

If you lost your AARP card and need a new membership card, you need to login to request for a new card.

You can join AARP membership for just $16 per year in the US. AARP is a nonprofit organization caterig to people 50+ and above. The requirement for a AARP membership is that you should be more than 50 years old.

To login or register your card, visit www.aarp.org/mycard.

Website: www.aarp.org/mycard 
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