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Lloyds bank is one of the premium banking groups in the world and its headquarters is located in London. It is the largest banking group in the retail segment in UK. It acquired HBOS plc in 2009 and changed its name from Lloyds TSB Group plc to Lloyds Banking Group plc. Llyods banking group provides an excellent atmosphere of trust and future stability not only to the customers, but also to their employees who can login to their pensions and retirement accounts at www.LloydsBankingGroupPensions.com.

For their Employees, Lloyds have a dedicated web site "www.lloydsbankinggrouppensions.com", to take care of the future monetary needs of their employees. In this web site, on the right hand side of the home page, the users can see a "Choose your Scheme" frame, which contains the various pension schemes provided by Llyods group. Inside the frame, there are links related to "Llyods TSB pension schemes" and "HBOS Pension Schemes". There is another important link called "Choose Your Tomorrow". In this section, the employees could find very useful information by using the links "How to join", "Planning your retirement", "Contributions" and "Your Investment Choices". Inside the "Plan your Retirement" link, the employee can make use of useful tools such as "Budget Calculator" to find out whether one will have sufficient income after retirement.

Website: www.lloydsbankinggrouppensions.com 
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