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Members.KP.org is the registered user site for subscribers to Kaiser Permanente health insurance. Kaiser Permanente was the first prepaid health insurance organization in the United States, and employs over 180,000 workers. Registered members of KP have access to an online tool titled “My Health Manager”, which is a one-stop medical records portal. Inside, users can securely communicate with their doctor’s office using an internal email system, as well as send and receive messages from their Member Services representative regarding their benefits and coverage.

The Appointment Center allows members to schedule appointments online, or consult with an interactive symptom checker to get a quick online diagnosis. This utility is provided by HealthWise.org, a consumer health content provider and is also available t the general public. Members also have access to their complete medical records, a synopsis of their plans and coverage, and prescript.ion drug management and re-order services. A health assessment via HealthMedia Succeed is a free online program for adult members of the site, which will allow them to take an inventory of their health and lifestyle, and make recommendations to leave a healthier, more productive life.

Their ‘Health and Wellness’ portal, which is viewable by the general public, provides information on health living, drugs and natural remedies, and member programs and classes that provide referrals to local professionals that provide services in smoking cessation, sleep disorders, weight loss, and mental health services. While the Kaiser Permanente program has had controversial negative reviews by some consumer guides, the corporation has placed a large emphasis on self-service by their user base, and providing an effective, user-friendly and comprehensive member portal.

Website: members.kp.org 
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