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www.Verizonwireless.com/Rebates is the webpage on Verizon Wireless where you can manage your Verizon Wireless Rebates. The advent of mobile phones has revolutionized the telecommunication industry helping people to contact each other, almost anywhere, anytime. With the changing needs of subscribers, the mobile service providers offer various innovative services to them, Verizon Wireless being one such service provider. Founded in 2000 and headquartered at Basking Ridge, New Jersey, it owns and operates the largest mobile telecommunication network in the United States and caters to over 93.2 million American subscribers.

Through the unique Verizon Wireless Rebate Card facility, it issues a Verizon branded Visa card to its customers, instead of issuing paper checks while processing rebates, which they can use as a pre-paid debit card. It facilitates you to track and submit your rebate online, by encouraging you log on to verizonwireless.com/rebates. The site provides you the link to Manage Your Rebate Submission, where you can Pre-Submit and track your rebate online. This link also provides you the answers to all your queries through Rebate Center FAQs; helping in setting up ‘Your Alerts’ regarding sports, news, entertainment, etc. from your phone, providing you the scope to learn about Verizon Wireless Navigator, etc. are some of these.

The site even provides you the link where you can visit, enter your Username and Password, access, manage your account, and set up mobile phone account alerts. Here, you can pay your Verizon Wireless bill using your rebate card and on the event of non-receipt of the Rebate Card, in the first place, can enquire about it in this site.

Website: www.verizonwireless.com/rebates 
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