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AccountNow is a prepaid card that is available via both Visa and MasterCard. At www.AccountNow.com, you can get your card and since it is a prepaid card, the approval rate is almost 100% and there is no credit check or late/overdraft fee. You can login to www.AccountNow.com to pay your bill, fund your account balance, inquire about transactions and perform a whole host of other function.

The AccountNow prepaid card works like a checking account and allows someone with a poor or little credit history to build up their credit history since the card can be used like a credit card and since it is prepaid with your money, you are almost guaranteed that the transactions will be good as long as the amount is below your account balance.

Compared to many other prepaid cards, we think AccountNow offer some of the best terms in the industry with no weird fees especially if you have direct deposit with them to fund your account. There is is a monthly fee of $9.95 for a premium plan and other fees but it does feel fair. In our opinion, we feel that AccountNow has better terms than MyPremierCreditCard.

Again, many people are worried about cards like that being scams. So, it is important to read the terms and conditions, make comparisons and come to your own conclusion. Leave a review to help others make a choice too.

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