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www.ConsumerDisclosure.com is a site where you can access your consumer disclosure file in the even of a rejection by a insurance company. In life, we all pay for various products and services; some of these are for immediate enjoyment, while others are for fulfilling future demands or needs arising out of exigencies. However, it is very unfortunate, if some of the most important services, like insurance, which we had enrolled for on good faith, does not fulfill our needs, or even worse, refuses to cater in times of crisis, we have no other option but to demand an explanation from the company. Reed Elsevier formed in 1993, after amalgamation of two century-old organizations, Reed International and Elsevier NV, having headquarters at both London and Amsterdam, a professional information solutions provider in the fields of Science, Medical, Legal, Risk, Business, etc., globally; provides database and electronic research unit service, to millions of Americans, like you, through its division, LexisNexis, which was founded in 1977 and is headquartered at Dayton, Ohio.

Www.consumerdisclosure.com is the site, where you can log on to request for a free copy of your consumer files, with the help of LexisNexis’ Consumer Disclosure program, if you feel duped by your insurance company. You can request for such a report in the event of your insurance being denied and/or cancelled, premiums had been increased, your insurance company had curtailed coverage, etc., without showing valid reasons. You are within your rights to fight for your dues and LexisNexis provides you the link through this site, for registration, required to get the complete report for any or all of these cases.

Website: www.consumerdisclosure.com 
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