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Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company or Colonial Penn, founded in 1968, headquartered at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a subsidiary of Conseco, a financial services organization, aims at providing insurance coverage to millions of Americans, like you. CPDirect also aims to provides you a guaranteed acceptance for your life insurance application and needs.

www.CPDirect.com is the site, where you can log on to know in details about the various competitively priced insurance products, starting from the age of 18 years. This site provides you explicit details about the companies aim in providing guaranteed insurance coverage, directly to people, aged between 50 to 85 years. If you fall within this age bracket, you can get a free insurance quote, commensurate to your need and budget by filling up your basic details and email address in this site.

Here, you can apply online for a new policy and can even have the phone numbers to talk to customer service personnel of the company to discuss and have answers to your issues and as an existing customer pay your bills/premiums, online. With the unique features of Guaranteed Acceptance, Locked-in Rate and Locked-in Benefit of this policy, you will never have your application rejected on health grounds, would not ever pay higher premiums with advancing age and you will only have the sole authority to cancel your coverage.

However, if you still get dissatisfied with the terms and conditions of the policy, which I am sure you would not, you can choose to cancel it within the 30-day Money Back Guarantee and receive full refund of your money. The site has a lot in store, even for the young generation and anyone and everyone can visit here, to view the various products that the company has on offer in details.

Website: www.cpdirect.com 
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